The Christian Story Isn’t Boring

Here’s a bit from a sermon I preached a few weeks ago. This section didn’t make the final draft, but I wanted to share it:

The Christian story is one of the most multi-faceted stories that have ever been told. If we allow the fullness of the story to breathe and to move, there is something in it that can capture everyone. I firmly believe that the Christian story is the most compelling reality we have. If you were to believe what people would say about the Christian life, you might be tempted to think that following Jesus is a boring, oppressive, mundane existence. You might be tempted to think that it’s for people who need a crutch or people who have this sadistic tendency to make life as miserable as possible. Or you might be tempted to think that it just about religion, rule-following.


But we know better, don’t we? Those of us who have leaned into the kind of life that Jesus calls us to live know that its not boring, that its not miserable. We know its the best way to live. Unless of course, we’ve believed the lie…that the Christian story and life is boring and stale. But how could we think that?


This morning, we talked about this awesome story from Exodus 19. And awesome is about the only word that can aptly describe it. We tried to allow this story to jump off the flannel graph and draw us into it. God declares that Israel is a people for his possession, that they are a a kingdom of priests and a holy nation for him. And then in this awesome moment he declares that he is coming to the people, and he descends on Mount Sinai in power and thunder and lightning and trumpet blasts and a thick cloud. And as the Creator God rests on this mountain, Moses takes the trembling people out to meet God.


You don’t get a better story than that. There’s no fiction that can beat this reality.