Creative Outlets, Contemplation, the Divine, Goals, Intents, and the Stuff of Life

. . . Just a few of the things on my mind of late. There is deep meaning in all of this—more than a blog post could ever contain.

. . . I’m in the last semester of my degree in Rochester College’s graduate school in missional church leadership. It has been life-changing, and I will sorely miss it when all is said and done. But it is, of course a big reason why I haven’t been writing much here.

. . . Goals. Do you have them? I don’t. At least not really. Nothing specific, to be sure. I have been considering intents of life. What’s my life’s intention? Here’s what I’m working with:

. . . to live a disciplined and contemplative life, spent in love for the world.

I’ve realized something important over the several months. Intentions matter. And intentions beget priorities. For me, priorities have become finding creative outlets, working hard at simple habits like waking up earlier (really, this is restoring an old habit), journaling, and a little exercise.

. . . By biggest intentionality over the last several months has been the pursuit of God through contemplative prayer. I was reminded in a deeply painful way at the end of this summer that I simply do not know how to truly pray—to truly connect with the beauty and joy and peace and purity of the Divine. There is beauty all around that pulses with the heartbeat of the Divine that I miss. So, I have been very intentional in this pursuit of practicing the presence of God. It has been a journey to be sure, and a journey that has just begun.

Maybe I’ll blog about it, but maybe I won’t. I know—not the way to build and audience.

In the peace of God, little else seems to matter. I’m trying to get to that place.

Thanks for reading, and look for some more work at the beginning of the year.

God’s grace and peace to you and your house!