No Newness Yet

Time Expired

You are the God who makes all things new.
We gladly raise our voices and move our lips
        to acknowledge, celebrate, and proclaim
               your staggering newness.
As we do, we hold in our hearts
        deep awareness of all the places where your newness
               is not visible, and
               has not come.
        Our hearts link to many places of wretchedness
               short of your newness.
               We picture our folks at home,
                       sick, in pain, disabled, paralyzed
                       and no newness yet.
Move our hearts closer to the passion of our lips.
Move our lips closer to your own newness.
Work your newness in hidden, cunning ways among us.
Move us closer to your bodied newness in Jesus,
        newness of strength come in weakness,
        newness of wisdom come in foolishness.
Draw us from the wretchedness we know
        to his scarred, bloody wretchedness
        that is your odd entry of newness into our life.
We pray in the name of his suffering newness. Amen.
                                                                            —A prayer written by Walter Brueggemann

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