Reflection: Light & Dark Dance

This is the same place, different morning.

As I walked out my door to head to my office, the sun was just beginning to crest over the horizon, setting fire to the sky. I see the sky-set-on-fire through the bare branches of a tree, between two houses & atop the glowing lights of a plaza. I’ve seen my fair share of sunrises in the last year. Almost every morning I am either sitting at my desk upstairs, taking in this view, or headed out the door. On a normal day, as the sun rises, it floods the sky with light, turning the deep blue of the night into a fiery dance of yellow and orange.

But today, the sunrise was a little different. It was almost as if the fiery sky was trapped—trapped by clouds, trapped by darkness. As the sun rose, its brightness was met by the oppressive darkness of storm clouds. It was eery. I wish I had taken pictures—but in my rush to get to the office, I never thought about it. It was eery because the light, though trapped, would not remain trapped. The clouds did their best to snuff out the fire, but the light found its way out. It wasn’t overwhelming, no. There were still big patches of darkness. Foreboding. Still, the light squeezed past these consuming clouds.

Having snuck past the clouds that would contain it, the light began to gently dissipate. The spread its fragrance across the town. I watched from my office window. It was that kind of dance between lightness and darkness that happens before a summer storm.

That’s the way life is. A dance between light and darkness.

Today is a rainy day.

But light will shine again.

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